Healthcare/Life Sciences

Joint Venture for a Specialty Hospital

Representation of a regional non-profit religious-based hospital in negotiations to create a specialty hospital through a joint venture with a public entity.

Sale of Nation’s Third Largest Optical Retailer

Served as company counsel for nation’s third largest optical retailer in connection with the sale of the company by an international joint venture (a west coast private equity fund and a conglomerate based in the Republic of China) to a Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurance company.

Representation of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Venture-Backed Companies

Representation of medical device and pharmaceutical venture-backed companies, helping form the companies, negotiating debt and equity venture capital financings and providing general counseling services, including advice regarding shareholder agreements, option plans and employment agreements.

Representation of Emerging Growth Companies Obtain Funding from the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund

Representation of life science venture-backed companies obtain funding from the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund.

Representation of Venture Funds

Representation of life science focused venture funds, including helping form the funds and negotiating debt and equity venture capital financings.

Acquisitions by National Optical Retailer of Optical Retail Chains

Representation of the nation’s third largest optical retailer stores in acquiring multiple regional optical retail chains throughout the United States through a series of mergers and acquisitions. In connection with these acquisitions, we assisted the client in structuring the transactions to address a myriad of state optometric and optical regulations.

Sale of Start-Up Medical Device Company to Publicly-Traded Company

Served as company counsel to a start-up medical device company from formation, venture financings, and sale (through a merger) to a publicly-traded, medical device company in exchange for cash and stock, including an earn-out.

Acquisition of Ambulance Operations

Represented a Florida management company of hospital-based ambulance operations in multiple acquisitions of ambulance operations in Texas.

Joint Venture of National and Regional Ambulance Companies

Representation of a regional ambulance company in its joint venture with a national ambulance service provider to provide management services to hospital-based ambulance services.

Disposition of Medical Billing Company

Representation of a regional medical billing company in the sale of substantially all of its assets to one of the leading providers of emergency service billing organizations.