About Elder Bray

Our Firm

Elder Bray exclusively represents businesses, owners, investors and entrepreneurs as their trusted advisors in a variety of commercial and business transactions.   We are a firm of experienced and talented corporate transaction lawyers, with our shareholders averaging 20+ years of experience.  Our attorneys have a track record of serving as valued members of the business teams of companies in numerous industries and various phases of development.  Our clients include start-up, growth, middle-market and Fortune 500 companies.  Our attorneys are committed to the success of our clients, and strive to provide great service and value to advance our clients’ interests.

Building a Client-Centered Law Firm

As the legal industry continues to evolve, many firms are pursuing strategies of geographic and practice area growth in an effort to expand their markets to increase firm profits.  These strategies do not necessarily serve the interests of all clients.    As law firms expand, the price of legal services often increases and the quality of service may become less consistent, as both costs and quality become more difficult to control.  Inherent in most of these growth strategies is the “leveraged” model, which relies upon less experienced lawyers to generate profits for the law firm.

Elder Bray was formed to provide our clients with a compelling alternative to the large law firms for their important business matters and transactions.  At Elder Bray, our business model is focused on our clients’ expectations of value. Our clients are sophisticated purchasers of legal services, and they measure “value” in terms of service and cost.  By limiting the focus of our practice to business and transactional matters, we are in a superior position to control costs and quality of service.   Rather than leveraging less experienced attorneys to generate profits for the firm, our experienced attorneys remain very active in all of our engagements.

Delivering the Resources of a Full-Service Firm

Elder Bray is not a full-service law firm that employs attorneys focused in all practice areas.   Instead, we have created a selective firm of experienced and talented business attorneys creating the strongest and most reputable business transaction practice group in our market.  By virtue of our experience, we have developed close working relationships with a network of specialists whom we trust to provide high quality and cost-effective services.  When a client or transaction requires a particular legal specialty not covered by our firm, we draw on our experience and network to help our clients select and engage the right specialist for the project.  In this way, we deliver the resources of a full-service firm, but in a more selective and cost-effective manner.  We believe our approach helps avoid potential conflicts, reduces the costs to our clients and ensures a high level of service.